Life in a Curated World

We live in a curated world.  The abundance of content that exists makes it almost impossible to see every movie, to hear every new recording, or even to experience every new play in the theater.  That's where JazzFest comes in.  JazzFest curates music and experiences for our fans who want to break out of the ordinary. 

While some festivals and arts organizations try to be all things to all people, JazzFest is different. We book artists with a very specific set of objectives.  JazzFest leans forward, pushes the creative envelope, and presents major artists that have never performed in Allentown before.

In 2015 we brought Al Chez, Nicole Henry, and JoJo Mayer / Nerve.  In 2016, we brought Steve Coleman and Five Elements, GRAMMY award winner Laurence Hobgood, Scott Tixier, and Lucy Woodward.  

In 2017, we have unveiled a portion of the schedule, and proudly present 5 time GRAMMY winner Jeff "Tain" Watts in his Allentown debut, and NEA Jazz Master Dave Liebman in a very different setting: in front of a roaring big band from Moravian College.  Other AJF2017 artists that are going to be revelations are Kiki Villani and art-rockers The Collingwood

We have more artist announcements to reveal.

JazzFest 2017 is going to feel different than the 2015 and 2016 festivals, and that's a very good thing.  You can get a flavor for the announced AJF2017 Artists by checking out the AJF2017 Spotify Playlist, below. 

Zachary Hartzell

Easton, PA, 18042