JazzFest 2017 Preview + Artwork Reveal Showcase the Beauty of Music at the Art Museum

This evening JazzFest presented the Dan DeChellis Trio as part of JazzFest 2017 Preview + Artwork Reveal event, which occurred at The Allentown Art Museum.  As usual, Dan did not disappoint.  The trio's performances keep getting better over time, and their recordings are proof of that as well. 

One reason that we are so proud of the affiliation with the Art Museum is that it presents a chance to showcase live music in an entirely unique setting.  There are listening rooms and the like in the region, but you don't often have the chance to sit among world class visual art while listening to some of the caliber of musicians that JazzFest curates for our fans.  As I like to say, it's all about the audience, and the live experience. 

As for the other part of this evening, Creative Director Zachary Hartzell delivered.  The design for the 2017 artwork is fresh, it's bold. and it's a totally new direction.  AND....it's on sale here. 

Zachary Hartzell

Easton, PA, 18042