Hilton Garden West Named Exclusive JazzFest Hospitality Sponsor for 2017 & 2018

The Hilton Garden West in Breinigsville and JazzFest have agreed to a two year hospitality sponsorship deal for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. 

"The Hilton Garden group really stepped up and it's gratifying to reach a multiyear sponsorship arrangement with them," said Bryan Tuk, JazzFest Executive Director.  "It's a beautiful property and I encourage all of our fans coming from out of town to make their travel arrangements with the Hilton Garden West."

Guests can call the hotel at 610-398-6686 and book at the "Allentown Jazz Fest rate" of $129.00.  If you book through the hotel website, guests can use the code: AJF through this site to get the discounted rate.

Zachary Hartzell

Easton, PA, 18042