Performing Arts Live! Inc. Receives Spark Grant from Lehigh Valley Community Foundation

Performing Arts Live! Inc. recently received a Cultural Enrichment Spark Grant from Lehigh Valley Community Foundation (LVCF).  The Spark grant will partially fund the 2017 Allentown JazzFest. 

“Congratulations to Performing Arts Live!,” said Bernie Story, president and CEO of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation. “This year, we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary by asking organizations to “be the spark,” a spark of awareness, a spark of change, a spark of connection to make life better in the Lehigh Valley. We pleased to support the 2017 Allentown JazzFest with a Spark Grant and look forward to its implementation.”

The 2017 Allentown JazzFest will run from May 3 through May 7th, 2017 throughout downtown Allentown.  The festival will feature approximately 17 performances bringing new artists and new musical styles to Allentown.  “We are humbled by the support of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation and will continue working hard to elevate the arts and cultural landscape of Allentown,” said Bryan Tuk, Executive Director and CEO of Performing Arts Live! Inc.

Grants are reviewed on a competitive basis and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Governors. The Spark Grant applications involved a two-part process. The first is a written detailed proposal. Five finalists are invited to produce a video to promote their program and the issue.  Collectively, the videos garnered over 20,000 votes during a two-week period.

About the LVCF Spark Grants

The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation is celebrating its 50th anniversary, by doing what it does best… making grants to community organizations that work to improve the lives of those in the Lehigh Valley. The year of grantmaking is themed “Be the Spark.”  The Community Foundation will grant $50,000 to each of six chosen issues in our community for a total of $300,000 in special grants during its anniversary year.

Zachary Hartzell

Easton, PA, 18042