Allentown JazzFest and PBS39 Announce Media Partnership

The 2015 Allentown JazzFest will bring some of the world's best and most sought after jazz, neo-soul and rock musicians to the Lehigh Valley. The JazzFest will run late April through early May in downtown Allentown and will draw music fans from across the region. Today, we are very proud to announce a media partnership with PBS39 WLVT. "We have been really pleased that arts organizations like the Allentown Symphony and Allentown Art Museum, and people in the community, are rallying around the Allentown JazzFest. The relationship with PBS39, is really special though. PBS's long history of arts programming, and support for live music, really speaks for itself. We're obviously thrilled to produce content for PBS," said Bryan Tuk, Executive Director and CEO of Performing Arts Live!

"The renaissance of Allentown continues with this exciting new series," said Tim Fallon, PBS39 CEO. "We're proud to collaborate with our region's arts organizations to bring this inspiring event to the community.”

The JazzFest video work will be produced by Digital Feast, which is also based in Allentown. Digital Feast was among the JazzFest's first business partners. Phil Osborne, Digital Feast Co-founder, said, “We are really excited about the opportunity to work with PBS39 and Performing Arts Live!. The idea of marrying various types of art is something that we are proud to help facilitate and bring to life especially here in Allentown. When you combine visual art with musical art that is where the magic happens. This is so much more for us than producing video, this is the unfolding of the new Allentown and helping draft a new chapter in its history. That is why we are a part of this historical event.”

Exclusive JazzFest artist interviews will begin airing on PBS39 on April 1st.