Stephanie Gardner Named AJF2016 Filmmaker in Residence

Today, Stephanie Gardner was named Filmmaker in Residence for the 2016 Allentown JazzFest. Ms. Gardner is native to the Lehigh Valley and a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. "Performing Arts Live and JazzFest are about innovation, improvisation and expression, not just in music, but also in other arts forms.  I think that people have seen our commitment to the visual arts through the abstract works that painter Paul Harryn has created for JazzFest," said Bryan Tuk, the Executive Director and CEO of the Allentown JazzFest. "Film represents a very different dimension to JazzFest that people will enjoy.  Stephanie's artistic sensibilities and pedigree made her a perfect fit to curate the Allentown FilmFest and also to produce a short film of her own specifically for JazzFest to showcase the city, its people, its diversity and why it is a terrific place to visit and experience the arts."

Ms. Gardner added: "To me, film, like jazz, speaks an international language, which has the ability to connect cultures through shared artistic expression.  In addition to creating new film content (an abstract cinematic poem inspired by the landscapes and peoples of Allentown), I will be curating a program of international films, which I hope will reflect the spirit of the Allentown JazzFest; a destination to showcase an array of global arts."

Ms. Gardner's short film will debut in downtown Allentown in mid April, details will be announced shortly.  In addition, Ms. Gardner will curate a three event film series which will be screened at The Civic Theater 514.   Details will follow.

Performing Arts Live! Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that produces the Allentown JazzFest and the Allentown FilmFest. For more information, please visit or email