Hot Bijouxx

  • Allentown Art Museum 31 N. 5th St. Allentown, PA 18101

Hot Bijouxx performs an energetic mélange of Prohibition-era jazz, French gypsy swing-waltz, and Brazilian bossa nova. Renditions of Great American Songbook standards are metamorphosized by Hot Bijouxx's arresting arrangements: A class French chanson marries a sizzling samba. A Europop club hit is transmuted into a feverish, Balkan gypsy anthem. A WWI era blues soars amongst the 3/4 time of a Parisian waltz.

The band features the senstive, ever-creative vocals of Najwa Parkins, who spent nascent years amongst the jazz community of The Deer Head Inn, and has since toured internationally. Hot Bijouxx's accordionist, Dallas Vietty, is a renowned force in the world of French musette & Gypsy jazz. Ryan McNeely, scholar and devotee of bossa nova, contributes a unique versatility on archtop guitar, while musically gifted drummer Kevin Ripley punctuates the vintage sound with snare and hi-hat. Hot Bijouxx members are currently residing in Philadelphia